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Benefits of the Zee-TumTuk range:

  • Firmly supports the abdominal muscles after childbirth, keeping the womb in place.
  • Assists with womb 'involution' (getting the womb back normal size).
  • Decreases pain after natural birth as well as after caesarean section. If you had a caesarean section you might experience pain over the next few months over the scar area and use of the pelvic support belt will help alleviate this pain.
  • Encourages early mobility after caesarean section or laparotomy (incision on the abdominal wall) or any other abdominal or pelvic operation such as a tummy tuck, hernia or even after hysterectomy, thus allowing you quick return to normal daily activities.
  • Supports the lower back and maintains a good posture, even during pregnancy.
  • Trendy to be worn over clothing in the gym, office, kitchen, anywhere and anytime!

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  • Small: 85 - 90cm
  • Medium: 90 - 100cm
  • Large: 100 - 112cm
  • Extra Large: 112 - 125cm
  • XXL: 125 - 140cm

To figure out your Zee-Tum Tuk size:
Simply measure your abdominal circumference with a measuring tape around the navel area (when you are pregnant) and pelvic circumference if you're not pregnant. Choose the corresponding size from the size panel to the left.

Your changing body:

The concept of abdominal support post delivery dates back several centuries. Many different cultures ( Japanese, Taiwanese, Mexican, Spanish and English etc ) have endorsed this practice to quickly assist getting your pre-pregnancy figure back. This practice is physiologically important as your womb undergoes tremendous change in size and shape over the nine month period.

The normal womb is a 'pear-shaped' organ 5 - 8cm in length, weighing about 50gms and is located in the pelvis. As pregnancy progresses it enlarges to eventually become an abdominal organ from about three months onwards - reaching approximately 40cm in length at nine months.

During this period there is an increase in the growth of muscle fibres as well as blood vessels ultimately accommodating a baby of about 2.5 - 3.5kg at birth. Overall, the average amount of weight gained over the nine month period is about 10 - 16kg. This substantial increase in weight alters the centre of gravity and thus your posture is affected (hyperlordosis), putting more strain on your lower back muscles, ligaments and vertebral column. These changes commonly result in lower back pain and a loss of balance in pregnant women.

Use of the pelvic support belt during pregnancy will provide you with the much needed back and lower abdominal support.

What happens after birth?

Immediately after the birth of your baby and delivery of the placenta the womb rapidly contracts to about 18 - 20cm in length. Over the next 6 weeks the womb 'involutes' i.e. gets back to its normal size. Wearing the abdominal support belt over the next 6 weeks has several benefits as listed earlier. After the postpartum period (the 6 weeks after childbirth)
it is recommended to commence your routine exercise programme (after consultation with your health care provider) and continue wearing the pelvic support belt to keep that 'little pooch' in place all the time!

When can you start wearing the belt?

You may wear the belt even a few hours after delivery, but most women will prefer to start a day later. Thereafter you can continue to wear the belt most of the day to keep you comfortable throughout the day. You may even sleep with the belt on. Ensure that the belt is not applied too tight.

Care instructions:

  • Handwash in warm water with mild detergent.
  • Make sure to fasten the Velcro before washing.
  • Lay belt flat or hang to dry.
  • Garment may be dry cleaned.