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  • innovative design

    guaranteed support

    The Zee-TumTuk pelvic belt delivers continued support after the first
    6 weeks of childbirth and may even be used during pregnancy (first and second trimester) after consultation with your doctor. Ensure that the belt is comfortably applied.

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  • Keeps you moving

    alleviates pain

    The abdominal belt is specially constructed to keep your 'tummy', or 'pregnancy pooch', in place after childbirth providing you with absolute comfort and support during everyday lifestyle activities.

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  • slim and chic

    ideal to wear everyday

    The range is available in a striking combination of black with pink, blue, red and grey and is a great way to keep your tummy in shape without compromising on style.

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Designed by an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to offer all women maximum abdominal and pelvic support.


Zee-TumTuk offers you a great way to get in shape and deal with the post baby 'jelly belly'. It's unique design is trendy, sexy and versatile and can be worn over your clothes or even discreetly under your clothes.

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The Zee -TumTuk

  • R700

    - Pelvic Belt -

  • R900

    - Abdominal Belt -

  • R1500

    - Twin Pack -

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The belt is ideal for continued support and can be used during everyday lifestyle activities e.g gyming, vacuuming, while carrying your baby, driving or just around the house; anytime, all the time!

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We know all about getting back into shape after pregnancy! Many of us struggle, while others get back their pre-pregnancy body instantly. One also remembers the days when our mothers and grandmothers tied up their bellies with cotton abdominal binders for a number of weeks following delivery. Complaints of how the binder dug into their skin and how unseemly they looked were constant and nothing in the market seemed to be comfortable or sexy, combinations that every woman needs.
The Zee-TumTuk range has been specially designed to offer all women maximum benefits of abdominal and pelvic support. Currently it is the only brand that has been designed by an obstetrician and gynaecologist (and mother of four children) with a special interest in pelvic floor health.