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FAQ / Testimonials

Can the belt be used during pregnancy?

Yes, the pelvic support belt can be used during the 1st and 2nd trimester of your pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before using the belt during your pregnancy.

How soon after delivery can I wear the support belt?

You may wear the belt even a few hours after delivery, but most women will prefer to start a day later. Thereafter you can continue to wear the belt most of the day to keep you comfortable throughout the day. You may even sleep with the belt on. Ensure that the belt is not applied too tight.

How does the belt benefit me?

  • Supports the abdominal muscles, which keeps the womb in place.
  • Assist with the process of getting the womb back to normal size (involution).
  • Helps with pain after delivery.
  • Encourages early mobility after a c-section.
  • Lower back support.
  • Good posture maintenance, even during pregnancy.
  • Don't forget - our design is trendy.


" I had a hysterectomy about 6 weeks ago and my Zee TumTuk has been the next best thing to the support I got from wonderful family and friends. The Zee TumTuk does just that - it tucks in the tummy so my clothes still fit well, and it helps to 'hold things together' so the need to 'go slow' is a thing of the past. I was able to continue with daily chores shortly after my op and continue to find it a comfort as soon as my day commences. Last but not least, don't mention the fashion statement - I've yet to see support attire look this good!!! "
" Two days after my operation, and still in Hospital, I was introduced to Zee-Tum-Tuk. I was very surprised by the abdomen support and comfort the Zee-Tum-Tuk offered me. I use my Zee-Tum-Tuk during the day and even sleep with it. I really feel safe with my Zee-Tum-Tuk and can see myself going to gym with it when I have fully recovered from my operation, I see it as part of my life now. Zee--Tum-Tuk is in my life to stay. Best ever. "

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