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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Support Your Pregnancy with a Maternity Support Belt

Your tummy isn’t the only thing that changes with pregnancy. As your tummy grows, your back and hips make adjustments as ligaments loosen and your weight re-distributes. You’ve probably noticed that your balance is a bit off, too? All this weight change can be a very painful experience for your poor fragile back.

So many of today's pregnant women suffer from lower back pain, especially during their last trimester. As our busy schedules have only gotten more hectic, the nagging and sometimes even excruciating pain that comes from the growing uterus pulling downward can have a significant impact on our work lives, our exercise routines, and our other normal everyday activities. Studies show that 50% of women experience body pain during pregnancy, 8% of whom feel severe body pain. There are even instances when maternity body pain results in incapacity! Being pregnant does not mean that you have to be in agony all the time.

Fortunately, we at Zee-TumTuk are here to provide you with a solution! Thanks to pregnancy support wear like our maternity support belt moms-to-be are now experiencing safe, comfortable and instant relief from strained backs, abdomens and breasts. Yes, it’s true! A maternity support belt will make you more comfortable, reduce your back strain, and even help you regain some of your balance. 

So, How Does it Work?

During pregnancy, your body excretes relaxin, a hormone that calms down ligaments and muscles on the pelvis and causes the pelvic muscles to move about freely during body movement, causing pain. In most cases, the pelvic area finds it difficult to carry the heavy weight on the abdomen. When this happens, the muscles swell, resulting in body pain. Maternity support belts prevent incapacitation and lessen body pain; they are innovatively designed to reduce your pain by offering you the best possible abdomen, pelvis and back support. In fact, a maternity support belt provides support to the entire body structure by gently lifting and supporting your belly, allowing for baby's easier movement and a greater provision of blood flow for you.

In addition, with a maternity support belt you can still retain the same wardrobe (jeans, slacks and even leggings) without having to spend money on additional pregnancy clothing. Take a look at some of the other invaluable attributes a maternity support belt from Zee-TumTuk can offer you during your pregnancy:

- Improve posture (and further reducing back pain and strain)
- Improves circulation in the pelvic region
- Offers comfort during exercise
- Reduces lower back pain and strain
- Reduces pressure on the bladder

When to Start Wearing a Maternity Support Belt?

There is no ‘wrong’ time to buy a maternity support belt. You can decide to start wearing the belt when you find yourself having a dull ache in your back, when your tummy feels heavy, or if you find yourself with upper back pain (from rounding your shoulders or suffering from poor posture from the weight of your tummy) – you probably want to consider wearing a maternity support belt to help relieve your discomfort as soon as possible. Thereafter you can continue to wear the belt most of the day to keep you comfortable throughout the day. You may even sleep with the belt on. However, always ensure that the belt is not applied too tight.

Enjoy Complete Support While You Move Around Effortlessly

Our maternity support belt gives mothers the feeling of complete support and relief whilst they move around effortlessly and comfortably, getting on with their household chores, lifting and carrying groceries, getting up and down at their work desk and even working out at the gym. Whether you're power walking, doing the treadmill, participating in yoga or performing other exercises approved by your obstetrician, you want to pull the baby weight up slightly so that the weight is in a more neutral position. The all-over relief a maternity support belt provides can help you achieve your exercise goals and maintain a healthier pregnancy all around.

So, whether the weight of your pregnancy is adding strain to your back and abdominal muscles or if you are a working mom on your feet for long hours every day; taking care of your body will make a world of difference. With a wide range of sizes for all body types, the maternity support belt from Zee-TumTuk is the only product of its kind which offers unprecedented support with the added feature of a trendy and stylish range of colours. 

So what are you waiting for… support your pregnancy with a maternity support belt from Zee-TumTuk and experience a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable pregna

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