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Shrink Your Tummy Back to Sexy with a Stomach Band

For every new mother, the first few weeks after having a baby is a magical time. Well, that is until you look in the mirror and see your post-pregnancy baby pooch staring back at you. It can be a dismal feeling when your tummy looks flabby just after having a baby, but the truth is that all new mothers experience these exact same emotions, so you are certainly not the first, nor the last.

The unfortunate reality is that 72% of new moms never lose their baby pooch. The good news is that you no longer have to be a part of that statistic. Yes, you can lose that belly jelly in a matter of months, or even weeks. You may be wondering how? Well, you can shrink your tummy back to sexy with a stomach band from Zee-TumTuk.  

About the Zee-TumTuk Belly Band

There are a variety of stomach bands widely available on the market today, but before you invest in just any one, take a good look at the stomach band from Zee-TumTuk. Helping new mothers and everyday women restore their figures back to sexy is our mission, and together with a gynaecologist who heads the Urogynaecology department at Steve Biko Academic hospital in Pretoria, we set out to design the trendiest, highest quality stomach band range on the South African market.

What Sets our Stomach Band Apart from the Rest?

The Zee-TumTuk stomach band is an ultra-versatile band that transitions from a maternity band into a post pregnancy band, back supporter and hip shaper. But, our stomach band is not just for pregnant or post pregnant women, whether you have had a C-section, laparotomy, tummy tuck, hernia, hysterectomy or natural birth, our band offers remarkable support. It not only encourages early mobility, it also helps speed up the healing process, it gets your bikini body back faster than ever, and it will also make you look slimmer in whatever you are wearing. I know, it sounds too good to be true!

How the Stomach Band Works

Our stomach band is designed to wrap firmly, yet comfortably around abdomen, in order to compress and bind the abdomen, getting your womb back to its normal size. The firmness of the band gently pulls in stretched muscles while reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks. By reducing stress in these areas, it speeds up the process of shrinking your uterus into place, and flattening and shrinking your tummy back to sexy in just a few weeks.

Additionally, our stomach band is super trendy and comes in a range of high fashion combination colours, so you can even wear it over your clothes, if you like. You can start wearing it day and night immediately after birth or surgery. Do not be that 72% who never lose their baby pooch; get your sexy back with a stomach band from Zee-TumTuk today. What have you got to lose – except your jelly belly! Visit our website to place your order, or you can find our products at Gentle Presence or Miané Maternity Wear in Pretoria.Read More Articles