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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Shrink Your Tummy with the Post Pregnancy Belly Belt

If you have just had a baby and weren’t lucky enough to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital, then you will know all about that post baby belly issue – where you simply cannot suck it in and make it appear flat and sexy no matter what you do.

Our grandmothers can still remember the days when new mothers were tied up in cotton abdominal binders for a number of weeks following delivery to support the abdominal muscles and to help them regain their former shape. Well, the old fashioned way of getting your belly back to pre-pregnancy has just been given a stylish make-over with the fabulous new belly belt from Zee-TumTuk.  These new belly compression belts come in the latest colours and styles, so every new mom can find the one that works for them.

Who wouldn’t want something to help shrink tummy flab? Um…hello, sign me up please! Let me introduce you to the wonderful belly belt by Zee-TumTuk. Guaranteed to be your new best friend!  Not only can you use it for post pregnancy support but, you can use it for just about any abdominal surgery. Don’t believe me? Read loads of testimonials like this one:

"I had a hysterectomy about 6 weeks ago and my Zee-TumTuk has been the next best thing to the support I got from wonderful family and friends. The Zee-TumTuk does just that - it tucks in the tummy so my clothes still fit well, and it helps to 'hold things together' so the need to 'go slow' is a thing of the past. I was able to continue with daily chores shortly after my op and continue to find it a comfort as soon as my day commences. Last but not least, don't mention the fashion statement - I've yet to see support attire look this good!!!"

About the Zee-TumTuk Belly Belt

The Belly Belt is designed to help postpartum moms regain their waistline faster; it is essentially a really wide, smooth belt to be worn under or over your clothes. The goal is to help flatten your post-pregnancy belly quickly and efficiently. It fastens with Velcro and helps you maintain that "sucked in" feeling. The belly belt stimulates the mother’s muscles, taking a more correct posture when standing and walking, which causes less physical fatigue. A favourable benefit is while wearing the belly belt, you are constantly aware of your stomach muscles, which makes you pull your muscles more tightly automatically. As a consequence your belly will of course regain shape within weeks.

Binding the abdomen has been a popular phenomenon in many cultures; however, the Belly Belt brings a modern twist on this old tradition. It can be used the very next day after giving birth, even if you had a caesarean and it comes in a range of high-fashion combination colours and sizes:

• Small - 85-90cm
• Medium-90-100cm
• Large-100-112cm,
• Extra Large-112-125cm
• XXL-125-140cm

The Belly Belt is hand washed only with mild detergent. Always make sure to fasten the Velcro before washing and lay the belt flat to hang to dry. This can take up to twelve hours. You get more out of it from continuous use, even while you sleep, so we advise that you rotate two at all times.

Your body took nine months to grow a beautiful baby, doesn't it make sense that it might take some time to heal? Contact us at Zee-TumTuk today and get some belly belt support and feel better about the way you look right now.

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