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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

How can the Pregnancy Belt Help You through your Pregnancy?

Women who announce their pregnancy to family and friends usually get support in preparing for the baby. Some family members volunteer to help make a nursery for the child, while others provide piles of baby clothes. Friends, on the other hand, organise baby showers so that other people can also share this special news. While all these may be essential for the baby’s birth, people should remember the pregnant women’s welfare, too. Pregnant women need all the help they can get, especially when it comes to the physical aspect, because carrying a baby to term causes many changes in a woman’s body. In most cases, a pregnant woman will have to cope with these changes while holding down a job and performing household duties. 

Yes, being pregnant is hard work. A woman’s body undergoes drastic changes and the resulting aches, pains and stresses can slow her down during the pregnancy and have debilitating effects for months. The Zee Tum Tuk pregnancy belt is specifically designed to provide the comfort and support women need while helping them stay healthy, comfortable and active from the first trimester through the postpartum recovery period.

Pregnancy belts are functional innerwear for pregnant women. They are used to support the abdomen, pelvis and back. You seeā€¦during pregnancy, women experience pain on the pelvic area and groin, this is because the body excretes relaxin, a hormone that calms down ligaments and muscles on the pelvis and causes the pelvic muscles to move about freely during body movement, causing pain. In most cases, the pelvic area finds it difficult to carry the heavy weight on the abdomen. When this happens, the muscles swell, resulting in body pain. 

Studies show that 50% of women experience body pain during pregnancy, 8% of whom feel severe body pain. There are even instances when maternity body pain results in incapacity. Pregnancy belts prevent incapacitation and lessen body pain. They provide support to the entire body structure.

Reasons to Wear the Pregnancy Belt

If you’re pregnant and you’re anticipating pregnancy’s effects, it’s time to consider getting a pregnancy belt. A pregnancy belt can offer adequate back and belly support, both of which are critical especially during the third trimester of your pregnancy. A pregnancy belt allows a woman to wear items like jeans, slacks and even leggings while she’s pregnant. It helps her retain the same wardrobe, without having to buy any major clothing items for her pregnancy. If you’ve thought about getting this belt, too, here are some more reasons why choosing a pregnancy belt is a wise choice:

  • Decreases varicose veins and swelling
  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Offers comfort during exercise
  • Improves circulation in the pelvic region
  • Prevents pre-term contractions
  • Reduces pressure on the bladder

Our pregnancy belts give mothers the feeling of complete support whilst they move around effortlessly and comfortably, getting on with their household chores, shopping, working in the office and even at the gym. With a wide range of sizes for every woman, the pregnancy belt from Zee-TumTuk is the only product of its kind which offers unprecedented support with a stylish range of colours and sizes for all body types.  The Zee-TumTuk belt is comfortable, durable; holds its form of elasticity and is machine washable and tumble dryable. Designed to relieve your pain, support yourself and your baby; this innovative maternity wonder belt is sure to become your new best friend!

So, whether the weight of pregnancy is adding strain to your back and abdominal muscles or if you are a working mom on your feet for long hours every day; taking care of your body will make a world of difference during this emotional time of life. Zee-TumTuk is here to provide you with all the support you need.  Experience a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable pregnancy and purchase your pregnancy support belt from Zee-TumTuk today.

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