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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Manage Your Pregnancy with a Maternity Support Belt

Wonderful news! You've got a baby on the way! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but can be very uncomfortable on certain areas of the body with a great deal of pressure placed on the back as a result of your bump increasing in both size and weight, as can be expected. Low-back pain is one of the most common afflictions experienced during pregnancy. More than 50% of pregnant women go through a period of low-back pain at some point. There are two main causes: hormonal changes and changes in your centre of gravity.

At Zee-TumTuk we have a product available to help you manage this. Commonly referred to as a maternity support belt or a pregnancy belt, our maternity support belt is designed to provide additional support as you remain mobile. Pregnancy is a challenging time for the body, without having much information on products like maternity support belt it’s difficult to understand how viable and useful they are. Below we address some of the key questions raised relating to the maternity support belt and how the benefits can help you manage your pregnancy with ease, comfort and style.

Is the maternity support belt safe?

Many women question whether the maternity support belt is 100% safe to wear. The answer is yes, it is completely safe. The maternity support belt goes under the belly and around the back. It is manufactured from strong and lightweight elasticated panels, meaning it can stretch and support you throughout your pregnancy. There's no reason why wearing shape wear over your pregnant belly would harm your baby – regardless of how far along you are. Wear it right through your pregnancy, in fact, physicians, gynaecologists, maternityhealth specialists and antenatal nurses all recommend the use of one.

Which maternity support belt should I select?

There are many different types of products on the market. In general, most brands perform the same job, but quality always differs. Wearing the best quality maternity support belt results in reduced pressure on the bladder and decreased chances of varicosities and swelling, therefore it’s imperative you invest in a maternity support belt of the highest quality. Comfort is another factor that only a quality belt can offer. Considering the fact that you may be wearing the maternity support belt throughout the day, it has to feel comfortable and be stylish so that it can be worn under, or even over your clothes.

What are the benefits of wearing a maternity support belt?

The maternity support belt helps lift and support your belly and therefore transfers weight evenly and comfortably to your spine. By offering abdominal and lumbar section support to the body, there is a reduction in back pain with all the bonus benefits that come with it. Such abdominal assistance causes the mitigation of strain sensed by the bladder and makes for better circulation around a pregnant woman’s pelvis. Additionally, it offers greater comfort during exercises or doing yoga. But over and above the medical benefits, it increases confidence levels knowing you have another layer of support to help when on the move.

With a wide range of sizes for every woman, the maternity belt from Zee-TumTuk is the only product of its kind in South Africa which offers exceptional support with a stylish range of colours and sizes for all body types. The maternity support belt is comfortable, durable, holds its form of elasticity, and is machine washable and tumble dryable. Designed to relieve your back pain and support your tummy, this innovative product is guaranteed to become your new bestie!

So worry no more if you are pregnant with your bundle of joy, as life does not have to slow you down. A good maternity support belt can give the added comfort to relieve your low-back pain and help you manage your pregnancy with ease, comfort and style. With its numerous benefits, why not give our maternity support belt a try!

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