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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Is it Safe to Wear a Maternity Belt throughout Your Entire Pregnancy?

Expecting? First of all, congratulations!  At Zee-TumTuk, we celebrate the magic of new life with style, comfort and safety with our colourful range of maternity belts which cover all your pregnancy trimester needs right through to post pregnancy. Maternity belly belts have grown to be a popular choice for women who are pregnant and they are a versatile article of clothing that every expectant mother is certain to appreciate.

Many women question whether the maternity belt is 100% safe to wear?  The answer is yes, it is completely safe. There's no reason why wearing a maternity belt “shape wear" over your preggie-belly would harm your baby – regardless of how far along you are. Wear it right through your pregnancy, in fact, physicians, gynaecologists, maternityhealth specialists and antenatal nurses all recommend the use of one.

The Maternity Belt Offers 100% Safety and Comfort

That said, it must be remembered that because your baby is cushioned by a sac of fluid, no harm can come from an elastic band wrapped around the tummy. Only real harm would come from something like a blunt-force trauma (a fall or a car accident, for example). They're elasticized to make them comfortable. Some include Velcro so you can adjust them, while others can be purchased in exact sizes.

A maternity belt is safely and comfortably worn around the abdomen to redistribute the weight of the growing uterus during pregnancy. This redistribution of weight in turn reduces pressure on the lower body, so that a well-designed maternity belt provides safe, effective, comfortable relief from pain during pregnancy. Maternity belts can help you maintain an exercise regimen while pregnant, soothe the irritated skin of your belly and make your back feel better. They're a critical part of a maternity wardrobe, especially as your pregnancy advances.

Purchasing a maternity belt is a safe and natural way to relieve the pain caused by the growth of the uterus and the pressure which the expanding uterus exerts upon the lower body. Selecting the right maternity belt is best done by speaking to your doctor, gynaecologist or maternal health professional. In any case, purchase a maternity belt only from a specialist retailer such as Zee-TumTuk which offers a full selection of models and a clear description that makes it easy to select the right one for every particular need and preference.

The Maternity Belt Supports a Range of Uses

The Zee-TumTuk maternity belt was also designed as support for post pregnancy use, for the plus sized woman and abdominal surgery patients ranging from inguinal hernia surgery, C-Section surgery, hysterectomy surgery, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery, laparotomy and laparoscopy surgery to appendectomy surgery. A maternity belt is the ultimate in comfort during pregnancy and following any kind of abdominal surgery. The robust front band of the belt provides comfortable abdominal support as it naturally lifts and lightens any pressure bearing down on the abdominal region. This is a great relief to that uncomfortable heavy ‘dragging’ sensation you have when you have suffered a prolapse.

About The Zee-TumTuk Pregnancy Belt

With a wide range of sizes for every woman, the maternity belt from Zee-TumTuk is the only product of its kind which offers unprecedented support with a stylish range of colours and sizes for all body types.  The maternity belt is comfortable, durable; holds its form of elasticity and is machine washable and tumble dryable. Designed to relieve your pain, support yourself and your baby as well as provide the support needed for any post abdominal operations, this innovative maternity wonder belt is sure to become your new best friend.

So, whether this is your first or sixth baby or the weight of pregnancy is adding strain to your back and abdominal muscles; if you are feeling discomfort; if you are a working mom on your feet for long hours every day; if you are a pregnant mom continuing an exercise regimen or if you are carrying twins or lifting children, the added support provided by the maternity belt gives you the extra relief and support that you need and deserve.

Taking care of your body will make a world of difference during this emotional time of life, we at Zee-TumTuk are here to help provide you with the support you need.  Feel free to call with questions, or sizing assistance.  Experience a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable pregnancy and purchase your maternity belt today.

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