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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Have you just found out that you are pregnant? Congratulations! I bet you cannot wait to meet your beautiful bundle of joy.

Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy with a Maternity Belt

Pregnancy, as many women know, can be a heavy-going 9 months, and we are not even talking about the delivery.

Pregnancy and childbirth, whether natural or Caesarean are arduous processes in which the tummy muscles and pelvic passage gets stretched, pulled and pushed in all directions in order to allow your baby to grow healthily and come out effortlessly.

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Pregnancy is one of the most incredible, life changing experiences any woman can go through. There are some women who glide through their pregnancy glowing and are full of energy, and there are some women who do not find it easy at all!

For every new mother, the first few weeks after having a baby is a magical time. Well, that is until you look in the mirror and see your post-pregnancy baby pooch staring back at you. It can be a dismal feeling when your tummy looks flabby just after having a baby, but the truth is that all new mothers experience these exact same emotions, so you are certainly not the first, nor the last.

Pregnancy is the most amazing 9 months of any woman's life. Unfortunately, it can also be a very trying and uncomfortable time. Carrying a growing baby is hard work. Apart from the occasional hormonal mood swing, the growth of a baby can cause chronic back ache and varicose veins, as well as the constant nagging pressure on the bladder.

Have you just delivered a baby through natural birth or C-section? Are you about to undergo abdominal surgery? Or are you someone who carries just a little too much extra around the stomach area and are looking for a little help to hide it? Well, we at Zee-TumTuk have a great product that can help each and every one of you!

Congratulations! You have just given birth to the most gorgeous little baby. The entire experience has been incredible and exiting, but now that baby has arrived, you are feeling a little down about your post-pregnancy jelly belly…and that’s totally normal! All new moms struggle with this, so you are not alone.

Wonderful news! You've got a baby on the way! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but can be very uncomfortable on certain areas of the body with a great deal of pressure placed on the back as a result of your bump increasing in both size and weight, as can be expected.

Welcome to the Era of the Belly Band. For more than 50 years feminists have castigated belly bands as a symbol of constraint and restraint. But now it has re-evolved into an ultra-versatile fashion phenomenon as new generation women are turning towards them.

A mummy tummy is a frustrating thing – even though it's just a natural result of having a baby – but now that the baby is here, as you look in the mirror, you just want to wear your old comfy jeans again and look like you really do have a waistline. Why can't it just go away? No need to despair, because at Zee-TumTuk we have a postpartum belly band solution for you.

Your tummy isn’t the only thing that changes with pregnancy. As your tummy grows, your back and hips make adjustments as ligaments loosen and your weight re-distributes. You’ve probably noticed that your balance is a bit off, too? All this weight change can be a very painful experience for your poor fragile back.

Becoming a mother is the most important occasion in a woman’s life. While pregnant women worry about the baby’s health and their own, the best way to protect your baby and have a safe pregnancy is to guard every aspect of your health as much as possible.

You may be surprised by the way your tummy looks after birth – you may look like you're still six months pregnant with a tummy that's squishier and rounder than you expected. After pregnancy, every mom wants her waistline back. However, it takes time for your body, and especially your tummy to fully recover from pregnancy.

Women who announce their pregnancy to family and friends usually get support in preparing for the baby. Some family members volunteer to help make a nursery for the child, while others provide piles of baby clothes.

You've recently given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby. Everyone is showering you and your husband with congratulations, flooding the home with baby gifts and giving you lots of advice.

Pregnancy is one of life’s most incredible miracles and is one of the most joyous moments that a woman may experience in life.

Expecting? First of all, congratulations! At Zee-TumTuk, we celebrate the magic of new life with style, comfort and safety with our colourful range of maternity belts which cover all your pregnancy...

If you're looking for a simpler, gentler take on the time-tested practice of post-partum girdling, a band-style pregnancy support belt may be just what the doctor (or stylist) ordered.

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments in a woman's life, but as many women would also know, it is however, also one of the most uncomfortable times. Carrying a baby inside your body can be tough work, and any woman who has experienced pregnancy can attest to this fact.

Have you just had natural birth or a C-section? Pregnancy is a glorious experience for some women, for others not so much. One of the side effects of pregnancy is the pressure it places on a woman's body as the baby grows inside of it.

If you have just had a baby and weren’t lucky enough to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital, then you will know all about that post baby belly issue – where you simply cannot suck it in and make it appear flat and sexy no matter what you do.