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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

How a Pregnancy Belt Can Support Your Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy is one of life’s most incredible miracles and is one of the most joyous moments that a woman may experience in life. However, during the period of pregnancy, carrying a baby can be tremendously daunting in just about every way imaginable – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

As a pregnant woman, your body undergoes several changes – your uterus expands, your insides shift, your skin stretches and your pelvis widens. As our schedules have only gotten more hectic, the nagging (sometimes excruciating) pain that comes from the growing uterus pulling your belly downward can interrupt our work lives, our exercise routines, and other normal everyday activities. If you are having trouble with an aching back, leg cramps or swelling, or if your belly is putting serious strain onto your bladder then you may want to consider trying a pregnancy belt.

Woman all over the world are turning to pregnancy belts. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, they enable the mother to partake in many activities she would otherwise be unable to, and in addition pregnancy support belts reduce lower back pain, lessen bladder pressure, decrease swelling and other varicosities, boost pelvic region circulation, prevent pre-term contractions and provide comfort during exercise.

Learn How Pregnancy Belts Work

At Zee-TumTuk we have created our pregnancy belts designed to reduce pressure on your back, abdomen, stomach, and legs, leading to reducing strain on your tissues and providing immediate relief.  Instead of carrying all of your weight up front, our pregnancy belts help to transfer the weight evenly and comfortably to your spine, a part of your back that’s designed to handle more weight.

Lifts Your Belly and Offers Back Support

The actual causes for pregnancy related back pain are varied. As the foetus is growing, a woman's abdomen stretches to make extra space for the baby, the room required for this doesn't come from nowhere. The abdominal muscles are stretched and contorted during this process and as a result, have a negative effect on posture, which ends up putting extra strain on the lower back. Another interesting explanation for pregnancy back pain comes from the hormone relaxin. Funny name; serious consequences! 

As a pregnancy develops, a woman's body produces more and more of this hormone. It serves to, as you may have guessed, relax the joints in a woman's body and help the baby pass through the birth canal. The pelvis is especially affected and the pelvic muscles begin to loosen months before delivery. This also throws off a woman's natural posture and can cause intense back pain, necessitating the use of a pregnancy belt.

A pregnancy belt can provide instant relief from back pain for every pregnant woman. Pregnancy support belts help lift and support your belly and therefore transfers weight evenly and comfortably to your spine. By offering abdominal and lumbar section support to the body, there is a reduction in back pain with all the bonus benefits that come with it. Such abdominal assistance causes the mitigation of strain sensed by the bladder and makes for better circulation around a pregnant woman’s pelvis.

For many, performing exercise stretches or keeping your posture straight can be challenging during pregnancy. Once your back gets sore, especially for mothers-to-be who are carrying twins or more, wearing a support belt can be a real pain reliever. It props up the body with a thick band underneath the belly and around the back. What is instantly improved is overall posture – owing to your weight changing distribution from the body front to the middle part.

How to Wear a Pregnancy Belt

There are many types of support products and all are designed differently to meet the diverse needs of women. Some women feel they need to "lift" their belly to relieve pressure, while others have ligament laxity that needs compression.  We at Zee-TumTuk set out to create a better solution. We recognised the need for a product that could fulfil all these needs, and as a result we decided to take our design to another level, making them the most versatile belts in the market.

Working closely with one of South Africa’s top obstetricians and gynaecologists, we not only created a pregnancy belt that can support your pregnant belly, but we created a super trendy product that can offer a multitude of other uses for both, pregnancy, post pregnancy and for when you want to add that layered Kim Kardashian slimming look to your belly. Our pregnancy support belts can be found in a range of colours and are trendy enough to make a fashion statement; in fact, many women have gone as far as even wearing them outside their clothing.

If you are wondering which belts provide the best support then visit Zee-TumTuk and get the support you have been looking for so you can keep up with your healthy pregnancy goals.

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