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Get Rid of Your Mummy Tummy Fast with the Zee-TumTuk Belly Band

A mummy tummy is a frustrating thing – even though it's just a natural result of having a baby – but now that the baby is here, as you look in the mirror, you just want to wear your old comfy jeans again and look like you really do have a waistline. Why can't it just go away? No need to despair, because at Zee-TumTuk we have a postpartum belly band solution for you.

Zee-TumTuk is a source you can trust; currently in South Africa our belly band is the only maternity wear band that has been designed by an obstetrician and gynaecologist (and mother of four children) with a special interest in pelvic floor health. Ultimately, our belly band will aid you in getting you back to your pre-pregnancy hotness shape faster!

Our belly band offers a one-of-a-kind, trendy and colourful design that offers exceptional support by adapting to a woman’s unique body contour, guaranteed to increase your confidence by tucking in and hiding your mummy tummy allowing you to look slim and sexy again in your clothes. It’s super chic and makes a fashion statement so wear it over or under any clothing all the time.

How Does the Body Recover After Pregnancy?

Women’s bodies are built to bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth, but the reality is that it can be difficult to “bounce back” and return to pre-pregnancy shape without additional help. During pregnancy the body secretes hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and relaxin that remain in the body after childbirth for approximately six months. These hormones are our body’s way of loosening the abdominal muscles and they facilitate the stretching of the abdominal area by as much as 50%, while the baby grows. They also act to loosen the pelvic structure, joints and ligaments to prepare for childbirth.

The beauty behind the Zee-TumTuk belly band is that it provides a greater stability for the body after delivery. Our belly band works by drawing in stretched muscles to provide a 360° support structure around the torso, thus, reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks. Reducing stress in these areas enhances your body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy alignment, shape and to lose the post baby mummy tummy faster. As shifted and constrained organs return to their pre-pregnancy locations during the first few weeks after C-section or natural childbirth, our belly band holds you in place allowing for movement with greater confidence.

A Zee-TumTuk belly band is an essential part of a comprehensive postpartum care and C-section recovery plan for both health and confidence. Our belly band stays in place and provides overall support as you move around comfortably; unlike other postpartum wear that rolls down your back.

How Can the Belly Band Benefit You after Pregnancy?

The abdominal muscle wall undergoes a complete transformation in order to accommodate and support the growth and development of the unborn child. As the muscle layers of the abdomen and uterus return to their pre-pregnancy size, most women suffer through pains and cramps. Keeping the uterus firm and supported will help speed up the healing process, prevent excessive bleeding, and significantly reduce any pain or discomfort.

Cramping is sometimes more painful if you have had other pregnancies, as the uterus needs to compensate for previous stretching in order to return to its pre-pregnancy size. This is why the belly band is necessary, depending on your childbirth delivery method after every pregnancy, especially on the second or third pregnancies. This is because the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall become increasingly weaker causing a condition known as pendulous abdomen – where the uterus tips forward – this condition can affect future childbirth deliveries because it can interfere with the descent of the child from the uterus. Below we list some of the incredible benefits of the Zee-TumTuk belly band:

- Aids good posture maintenance and lower back support.
- Assists with the process of getting the womb back to normal size (involution)
- Decreases pain after natural birth as well as after caesarean section.
- Encourages early mobility after a C-section, laparotomy (incision on the abdominal wall) and hysterectomy procedures.
- Improves circulation in vital organs by keeping the body warm.
- Supports the abdominal muscles, which keeps the womb in place.

You can start using the belly band the day after you give birth, even after a C-section. Wear it around your waist day and night. Just take it off to shower, then wrap yourself right back up again. The belly band should be worn at least 6-8 weeks post-delivery to reach maximum benefits. Contact us today or see our website for more information on our incredible and exciting trendy belly band range.

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