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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

Everything You Need to Know About the Maternity Belt

Pregnancy is the most amazing 9 months of any woman's life. Unfortunately, it can also be a very trying and uncomfortable time. Carrying a growing baby is hard work. Apart from the occasional hormonal mood swing, the growth of a baby can cause chronic back ache and varicose veins, as well as the constant nagging pressure on the bladder. For these precise reasons, women throughout the globe have turned their attention to one of the most incredible wonders on the maternity wear market today, a maternity belt. If you are new to this product and are looking for a bit more information, then read on to learn all about this innovative maternity sensation.

The Maternity Belt Offers 100% Safety and Comfort

The first thing that many pregnant women question when they hear about the maternity belt is whether it is safe and comfortable to wear. The answer is yes, it is 100% safe. A maternity belt is a lightweight elasticated band that goes around the baby bump to the back. It is so safe and comfortable to wear that even maternity health specialists, antenatal nurses and gynaecologists throughout the globe are recommending the use of one.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Maternity Belt?

Many women experience uncomfortable lower back ache and body pain during pregnancy, and there are even severe cases when body pain results in incapacity. As the baby grows, the abdomen stretches to make extra space for him/her, and in most cases, the pelvic area finds it difficult to carry the heavy weight on the abdomen. All this extra weight causes the muscles to inflate, resulting in a negative impact on your posture, which ends up placing major strain on the lower back.

A maternity belt is innovatively designed to lessen the body pain, providing support for the entire frame of the body.  It helps to gently lift and support the bump, and therefore transfers weight evenly and comfortably to the spine. By offering abdominal and back support, there is a drastic reduction in back aches and pains. Additionally, the maternity belt brings with it a number of other incredible benefits such as the following:

  • Alleviates pressure on the bladder
  • Encourages circulation in the pelvic region
  • Lessens lower back pain and strain
  • Minimises varicose veins and leg swelling
  • Offers comfort during exercise
  • Prevents pre-term contractions
  • Supports posture
  • Decreases stretch marks


The Best Maternity Belt on the South African Market

There are many types of maternity belts on the South African market today, although the quality does vary from one make to another. A good maternity belt is designed to sit under and around your abdomen, without slipping down and gently lifting your bump and taking some of the weight off your pelvis, and that is exactly what our maternity belt at Zee-TumTuk does.

Our maternity belt has been a life saver for many women throughout South Africa. It will never slip down during the day, can be worn day and night, and comes in a combination of high fashion colours. In fact, our maternity belt is so trendy that you can even wear it over your clothes to make a fashion statement. You do not have to let your pregnancy slow you down, simply contact Zee-TumTuk today or find our products at Miané Maternity Wear in Pretoria or at Gentle Presence.

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