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Useful information about Pregnancy Support Belts

We’re Bringing Sexy Back with The Belly Band

Have you just had natural birth or a C-section? Pregnancy is a glorious experience for some women, for others not so much. One of the side effects of pregnancy is the pressure it places on a woman's body as the baby grows inside of it. Babies can cause a woman's stomach to stretch to double its normal size, but after pregnancy, a woman's belly requires time to contract back to its original shape.

Aside from the appearance of stretch marks, many women worry about the amount of stretched skin that remains following the delivery of their children. Some women develop a post-pregnancy paunch, either based on genetics or simply having their abdominal muscles stretched out of shape for the duration of their pregnancy. Are you looking for a way to tighten up that tummy?

DO NOT despair...We at Zee-TumTuk can help you bring SEXY back to your body – with the trendiest looking abdominal belly band on the market that has been designed to tighten and shrink your post pregnancy in only weeks.

What is a Belly Band?

This ultra-trendy belly band is a post pregnancy abdominal seamless elastic band, designed to apply pressure to the abdominal area. It looks like a tube top that goes around your stomach providing incredible support to abdominal muscles while preserving its shape and durability.

Enjoy its Endless Benefits

When worn correctly, the bands gentle compression on the abs will help the uterus return to its normal size, so moms may get rid of their still-pregnant-looking-belly much quicker and faster.  Below we list some of the incredible benefits of this ultra-versatile belly band:

• Aids good posture maintenance and lower back support.
• Assists with the process of getting the womb back to normal size (involution).
• Decreases pain after natural birth as well as after caesarean section.
• Encourages early mobility after a C-section, laparotomy (incision on the abdominal wall) and hysterectomy procedures.
• Improves circulation in vital organs by keeping the body warm.
• Helps to reduce swelling and decreases varicose veins.
• Increases confidence by tucking in and hiding your tummy allowing you to look great in your clothes.
• It’s super trendy and makes a fashion statement so wear it over or under any clothing.
• Supports the abdominal muscles, which keeps the womb in place.
• Wear it all the time, if it makes you feel better about your body!

How to Get Maximum Results

You can start using the belly band the day after you give birth, even after a C-section. Wear it snuggly around your waist day and night, (if discomfort occurs remove and consult with your doctor).  Just take it off to shower…then wrap yourself right back up again. The belly band should be worn at least 6-8 weeks post-delivery to reach maximum benefits.

Zee-TumTuk has designed the belly band to fit snug with constant pressure on the belly, but without any impact on breathing, circulation or discomfort in your ribs. As always, remember to follow a healthy diet and exercise in your free time to reach your pre-pregnancy size. Contact us today or see our website for more information on our incredible and exciting range.

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